Warranty & Services

           In our view, the customers are our partners. Our scope of responsibilities encompasses the customers' success. We always have confidence that our final work coming out is a complete satisfaction. Such achievement shall derive from our well and fully preparation and fine arrangement in every process. We regard the thoroughly well-prepared arrangement as the halfway to our success. Therefore, we tend to every painstaking detail from the basic.

           We do a complete investigation and research to the root or look into all the detailed background in order to derive the main and essential information that is sufficient for us to start our improvement and re-design of the original products. As a result, we can eliminate all the designing flaws and finally upgrade the products. We emphasize on the importance of the design and production process.

           The corresponding machines with cohesive qualifications that will affect positively to the products' quality are carefully picked and used. Every element is thoughtfully chosen to best fit for the production and quality testing. We utilize the collective information gathered from our experiences in all levels whenever  it is applicable to the specific type and characteristic of work at hand . We have abundant of expertise   human resources.  Our   team is specialized in a particular subject on a particular type of product. The fastness  and  accuracy in   searching  or  retrieving  the information from  the  electronic and background detail  investigation   by the used of  a  software specially designed to suit  A.L.K. working   need are  the reasons for our achievement and that reflects in the way we warrant our products.

            As a good producer of tools for upstream manufacturers who has been  supporting the growth of the manufacturing industry for delivering products to the Thai society for more than 20 years. Our successful history is a result of the honesty and sincerity we have committed to our customers and the other concerned parties. We are a supporter of the industry so as it is growing with the society. For the reason, we have our policy and company mission to continue our development so as A.L.K. will always be excellent in the production and service-provision of the customized precision instrument. We also intend to keep this excellence status and the good governance as long as possible.