Message from President

        The ceaseless development of man raises the production standard in all aspects. Both efficiency and effectiveness expectations are reached by the role of personnel, instrument, machines and the supporting facilities. Any development that can successfully last with strong foundation depends greatly on the continuity of attentive improvement in that specific area with consideration to its capacity.

        More than three decades that we, with our enthusiast, have constantly dedicated in searching for and meliorating the production methodology that yields the best results with greater value. We have searched to enhance the production of special tools to save users’ time and increase the reliability of those instruments being used in the high precision product manufacturing industry including the customized tools which has been growing side by side with the ever changing economic scenario from an agricultural to an industrial center ground. From the time when there was a great shortage of production resources to the time when the technology is high and there are unlimited supplies, the condition of the market competition has also changed. It is uneasy to build trust in the customers if not for the success of the work that we have proven. The confidence they have in us is not a co-incidence. It results from the fact that we always reach the core of the problems and needs even when they are vaguely identified. We emphasize on every small details that may affect the production procedures. We also have to decline when being asked to produce any goods that do not meet our A.L.K. standard and that we see the possibility of any inadmissible instance which may occur to the consumers. The final stage we always secure is to create a relationship and cooperation with the customers and suppliers to ensure that all of us achieve mutual goals. 

        A.L.K. Precision Works (1976) Co.,Ltd. is now in our Forth decade with our higher capability in design and creates longer longevity products. The new innovations have been employed to develop the manufacturing activities and increase our competitive advantage. We also pride on our technical support services. All of these attempts are to make ourselves and our products cost-effective to the customers and useful for the society. 

        Our A.L.K. family and I would like to thank those who have been kindly supporting and helping us accomplish our missions and success all through these times.


"Superior Product Quality, On Time Delivery, at Reasonable Prices, by Hight Quality People"