The Fourth Decade


The first step into the precision tool making business was taken when Mr. Anant Sophonanantkij was challenged to produce an integral part in the 35 mm. movie projector. Such part was required to be very precisely at the rate of 0.01 mm. in order to produce a magnifying ability of 700 times, to ascertain the stillness and clearness of the projected pictures on the 25-meter screen without any undesirable picture-shaking effect. With low cost production using only two manual lathes and some other basic crafting instrument teamed up with the strong effort and intelligence in lieu of high technical facility, the work had been completed with flying colors. The story and work concept has been an inspiration for A.L.K. in the later time.


The manufacturing location was changed and the name was re-invented to be “A.L.K. Precision Work Company Limited”. The aim for the changes was to prepare itself for the changing direction of its business toward the custom-ordered precision tool making. The new place was more expansive and three computer-controlled machines (Computer Numerical Control-CNC) were brought in for the use in the production process. Therefore, the products were manufactured with higher standard and more consistency.


The company was contacted to jointly collaborate with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). All of our technological promotion programs were best supported by and responded from the agency. The production capacity assisting by the use of developed technology were bettered and yielded good results.


Adopted the ISO 9000 Quality Management System to further improve the effectiveness of the administration. The company was then certified in 1998 and later ISO 9001:2000 standard in the year 2000 and became the first company of its kind in Thailand who received this certification.


 The company was selected by NSTDA as an example of on-going development promoter and was awarded with “Technology –Enhancing Developer” prize later on.


Set up in house Calibration Lab under the name “ A.L.K. Calibration Laboratory Company Limited” to support the upgrading standard of the manufacturing of high precision tools.


Expanded the scope of services to include designing, testing and improving product quality of Cutting, Measuring and Calibration categories including another categories ( specific items). A.L.K. Calibration received ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard certification on dimensional calibration from Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry. The calibration precision is traceable to the international standard. The service is available to support our customers.


Successful in manufacturing and control of the precision of products at 1 µm : 50mm., with stability of </= 0.5 µm annually. We are the first company in Thailand who can do this. We were awarded “ Best iTAP Partnership Award” for the consistent support of the iTAP projects in technology development, promotion activities and all its Industrial Technology Assistance Programs