The heart of our success.

In the industrial sector, all manufacturers refer to the customers’ drawings as a norm for purchaseing and selling proposals and for the production activities. Such condition is exploited in the production process and QC although those drawings are not checked and are not improved or corrected by the manufacturers at all. For ALK, our quality standard is not limited to the tangible framework. It also includes the work ethic and the way we treat our customers. Some unknown technical information, some obscure specifications and the expectation of the customers for our finished products are dealt with professionally. Web place ourselves as an international staandard company who produces only to the original-accepted standard products or, at least, we shall retain the same quality equal to the original manufacturers of such product type. More than 75 percents of our customers who asked us to produce consuming products for them requested for a product that can last even longer than the original ones. As aa result, the information research and specifications review with the comstomers in the preliminary stage is required. More than 90 percents of the drawings we have received must pass the re-design and drawing improvement process to obtain a new set of better specifications to meet our standard of quality. We have gone through all these since such drawings are needed to be referred to in the production stage. Hence, the finished tools coming out are fit for work and within the acceptable criterions we have set. 

All in all, the specifications in the paper given to us will be transformed and materialized into such products with far greater quality than those original specifications themselves.