Personnel & Envionment vs. Working Quality

Keeping in mind that good working quality only comes with good working environment, ALK has expanded and improved its overall working environment both inside and outside its premises in order to crate the so-called “good working environment”. We install air conditioning and dust control system inside our factory and separate high precision manufacturing process out from others. We maintain a fresh garden outside our building so that our employees could be closer to the nature and freshly relaxed. it is also our policy to maximize the green area in our factory compound. Though this is just the contrary to the basic cost saving condept. we are more than convinced that we will find balance between these two conflicting factors in the near future.

As part of our corporate development program, we give high priority to continuous personnel training.Our human resource philosophy embeds transparency and equal opportunity. We regularly send our personnel out to trainning both locally and internationally so that they are abreast of the over changing technology.

Last but not least, we also provide necessary fringe benefits that improve the quality of our employees’ live. This does not only make our personnel able to develop “qualities” within our organization, but also gives a more meaning definition of “qualities” to the Thai society as a whole.